A poem and painting about coping and surrendering to the frustration that comes with physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

I think I'm losing touch
Hands are cold
Head is pounding
Vision's blurred
Body's numb
I AM out of touch.

So much beauty in the world
But it's no longer seen,
barely felt.
It swirls all around me,
like a whisper.
I want to contain it,
bottle it up.
Hold it close to me forever
Still, I'm out of touch.

Do you see it?
Tell me, what does it look like?
I want to see again
I long to feel again
Not just by chance
Not just by accident

I'm still working it out
Sapping my joy
Sapping my strength
I work it out.

Some things are better left untouched,
It may just be too much.

Accept reality
Accept the struggle
Accept what is out of control
Surrender but don't?
Accept it for the moment,
only until it passes by.

Hands get warm again
Headaches fade away
Vision can be corrected
Bodies can feel again.
The beauty will come back,
will be seen,
will be felt. 
It will ALL come back.

So surrender,
but don't.
It's Okay To Let Go.
Accept it for the moment,
but only until it passes by.

Have faith
Hold on to hope
Keep it alive
And you will survive.

The Painting | "It's Okay To Let Go"
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