One word - CONTENT. That was the major feeling after completing this project. It was something in the works for such a long time, two years to be exact. So to finally have it come to life was ABSOLUTELY satisfying. 

Before I go rambling on, let me give you some context.
A family friend asked me to do a mural, so as usual, whenever I'm introduced to something new and exciting, I get completely engrossed and ready to take it on. It's one of my many weaknesses BUT also one of my strengths. The latter being that I do research, more research and then some more research, until I figure out how to do it. It's a nice life skill to develop and was handy in this instance, because after two long years, I finally felt like I was ready to get it done. I had grown so much as an artist by then. I no longer felt like I needed the validation of others to love my art, I just did it for me and that brought on more freedom and space to create than I expected. I'll circle back to this point in a minute though, so don't forget it!​​​​​​​

Take a look at the concept art for this mural - Lucid, as it would later be named. (Click on images to enlargen)
"Lucid" was painted upon a 20ft x 7ft beast of a wall. It's difficult to put into words how amazing the experience was. I got to paint WHOLE day for SEVERAL days at a time, so I mean, I was floating on cloud nine. I contended with the rain falling and stopping then falling again, had to tote paints up and down a three story scaffolding multiple times a day, wore what felt like a hundred pound harness and hook BUT, at no point did I not enjoy it. 

Check out the process shots below. 

I enrolled some help from my fellow artist friend Esther to sketch the design onto the wall. We had the use of a projector which made things a whole lot easier but had to do so in the pouring rain and in essentially the dark as it was at night. I think it's safe to say that we still enjoyed the experience.
I numbered each colour (23 in total) and made myself a map as it were, to keep track of their relative positions. I then spent the next week filling in the colours.
Peep my excited face when I completed the colours. 
Next came painting on the lines, the most nerve wrecking part. With my way-too-much-coffee-drinking-self, I can sometimes have unsteady hands. I pulled through though!
Here was the final result! (Click on images to enlargen)
"Do what you love and it'll never feel like work" is an expression that feels so fitting for this project. I simply loved EVERY day of it. I actually think those feelings were also reflected in the concept art before I even started painting. It's bright, brilliant, eye-catching, vivid, almost like a glow - Lucid. You can't help but feel good when you've finished looking at it. So that brings me back to that point that I told you to keep in mind.

Sitting day after day, just completely absorbed in the art-making process, I got to appreciate my art on a whole other level. I was entrusted completely with this huge undertaking and I wasn't doubted by my friends or family for one second. Like I mentioned before, the validation of others is not something I go out seeking to love my art but to have gotten to the point where so many people all believed in me at once, it was actually really humbling, truly encouraging and utterly inspiring. So I guess a measure of validation can be good to have. In my case, it helped me to push through on the days when I was physically exhausted and motivated me to keep going.

My goal still isn't to seek fame and praise, only to provoke a thought and maybe even a smile when others view my art. Somehow, I think I accomplished that much. Here enters that word again - CONTENT. I'm content that I was able to conquer this beast of a wall, enjoy the process along the way and stir just a little joy in others.
Side point, is it too early to call myself a "Muralist" yet?​​​​​​​
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