"Overcoming a creative block." I find it ironic that I'm having difficulty trying to find the right words to express how I did that while feeling creatively blocked at this very moment. I guess that's the thing about getting creatively stuck, you never know what can trigger it or when it can happen.

The whole experience can be quite frustrating, it's like you're on the verge of something big, something new. It's coming into view in your mind's eyes and as it's about to come into focus, the image freezes. Stuck, blurry - right there, but out of your reach. It can be quite frustrating - not knowing what to do next. I sometimes start to panic and think that I'll never be able to create another good piece of art. Thankfully, I was proven wrong in this instance. 

There are a number of things that can contribute to a rut. For me, it's often Bella. She can be all consuming and sometimes parylising. So when I say that I have to fight, I mean it. It's both a mental and physical fight to do the basics even more so a large painting. 

In spite of that, I feel like I've reached that stage in life where I've become so self-aware that I've started seeing life lessons in everything. Perhaps it's as a result of tons of therapy or a part of getting older. And no I'm not that old, just a mere 27. So I know that I still have so much to learn in life. My point is, I've been learning a lot about about myself through creating and I absolutely love it! I love learning and I love growing. It makes me feel like I'm adulting well. 

Thus enters another life lesson, or what I would call, a reminder when creating this painting. It was meant for a big client so I'll admit I felt a degree of anxiety. I just wanted it to be one of my best. Like I mentioned earlier, Bella had left me so drained and mentally spent that I felt almost paralysed. I had to persist though. I pulled myself together with every once of energy that I had remaining, said a prayer, put on some music and got to work. I put on an album from the brilliant Tom Ashbrook. Below is my favourite song from his album. 

Take a listen while you read on. 
As to my usual liking, it's one of those slow building songs. The album this song came from, Solitudes, was Tom's personal documentation of lockdown, capturing the highs and lows of what a crazy year 2021 felt like. He ended the album with this beauty of a song signifying the beginning of something new. Beginning to try, beginning to move, beginning to live again after getting through something that was difficult. It's basically perfect for all that I've been experiencing lately. 

So what's the life lesson, wide awakening reminder that I got? Just do it! Get up, take a deep breath, find something that inspires you, start moving and just do it! It's something that I've heard a dozen times but I guess I just forgot. I'm glad that I did get moving though because the final result has become my personal favourite painting. Of course, I entitled it, "Where It All Begins." I'm a very on the nose kind of girl. 

Unfortunately, it didn't work out with the client who was supposed to receive it. However, I don't mind. I framed it, hung it on my wall and remember what it means to me every time I look at it. I know eventually it'll find a home and inspire someone else in the same way. And really, that's all I desire. 

Take a look at the final result below.

The Painting | "Where It All Begins
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