Anyone else a movie buff? I definitely am. Specifically science fiction, like the true nerd I am. One thing I've always loved about movies is the music. A great composition can make an emotional moment so much more impactful. It can move you to feel so much, I love the power of music! So of course, when I hear a song that makes me feel all the feels, I go searching for it. 

This was the case while watching the film, A Quiet Place. There was a particular piece of music throughout that I just couldn't get out of my head.
It's name is "A Quiet Life" by Marco Beltrami and it is sooo beautiful. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Click here to listen while you read
Ask anyone in my life and they'll tell you how important music is to me. I listen to it while working, eating, exercising, relaxing - you get the idea. It plays a MAJOR role in my painting process. Actually, thinking about it now, I can't ever recall painting without any accompanying music. Music often inspires me so much that I imagine what a song could look like visually. So that's what happened with "A Quiet Life" - I heard it and just had to translate it visually. How did I do? 

See images of the resulting painting below along with a behind the scenes look at the process. 
The Painting | "A Quiet Life"
My Process
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